Will mobile POS make an impact this holiday season?
December 15, 2014

There is a lot to bank on mobile payments. The utility of this system can greatly benefit customers in certain ways. For example, mobile point of sale systems can brings the transaction anywhere in the store a customer is located. It creates a feeling of accessibility that builds into a rewarding shopping experience. Never is there a time where this is more important than the holiday shopping season, where every day can generate more revenue than a week of normal business. The question is whether stores are willing to implement these integrated payments systems for the sake of their customers.

Helpful little elves
The holiday shopping season presents both a challenge and opportunity for retailers. Payments processing can easily address this through mPOS, according to PYMNTS. The payments news site suggests that with additional temporary staffers working the lines by completing transactions on a mobile device such as their smartphone or tablet, stores become more efficient. They can also complete transactions away from the hustle and bustle of a busy line, sometimes at the same place a customer is looking at an item.

There are many key benefits for using mPOS during the holiday season. For starters, training temporary staff on using these systems is a lot easier than teaching them to use a register. This is due to the simplicity of the software and the fact that they only have to deal with purchases on credit or debit card. This means that training time itself is reduced, saving stores money in the long run. In addition, customers are happier with the more efficient shopping experience they get out of working with clerks using the system. That can lead to higher satisfaction, a greater likelihood to return to the store in the future and a reduction in abandoned shopping carts.

Customers do want to see more of mPOS at the stores they visit, though it is still relatively new to many people. Credit card network Discover conducted a survey on mPOS use throughout the country. Only 17.5 percent of people have paid by having their card swiped on a tablet or smartphone in-store, while 60 percent have never even seen the technology before. This discrepancy may be because the majority of merchants using mPOS are smaller boutique stores, as many major stores have not switched to this technology yet. Millennials have been savvy with the technology while baby boomers have been unaware of the new method of payment.

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