What types of businesses benefit from mobile payments the most?
March 20, 2013

There is no denying that paying for goods and services with credit and debit cards are is convenient. The number of Americans carrying plastic cards has increased over the past decade and the volume of credit transactions has grown significantly, according to Visa. People like the convenience of the simple card swipe as opposed to carrying around cash and having to count it out to make purchases.

Mobile solutions enable businesses of all sizes and industries to accept credit card payments and accept debit card payments quickly and seamlessly. No longer do they have to leave potential sales at the door because they can't process transactions of this variety.

That being said, some businesses may benefit more than others based on the nature of their operations. Obviously, having the flexibility to process credit and debit card transactions is a huge advantage, but organizations should also think of the other perks of mobile payments to ensure they are maximizing their investments.

1. On-the-go businesses: Mobile payment systems can be easily leveraged with portable smartphone and tablet devices, making them the perfect solution for companies that are always on the move. Business-to-business sales teams that are traveling from one client to another, companies that need to work on location and professionals who operate in different locations on various days of the week (such as doctors) are all perfect candidates for mobile payments.

2. Small startups: Startups are frequently strapped for cash and don't have the money to implement expensive cash register setups. However, that is no excuse to not accept credit cards - mobile payment solutions enable entrepreneurs to use the smartphones and tablets they likely already own to process credit card transactions. Mobile credit card processing can be especially beneficial for the owners and employees of small startups who travel frequently, such as those who sell goods at farmers markets.

3. Service-oriented organizations: Service is paramount for any company. If employees need to be actively engaging prospects and customers the moment they set foot in the building, mobile payments enable them to do just that. Rather than waiting at checkout areas or at workstations, employees can just grab a mobile device, walk straight to customers, begin the interaction and finally close it out without having to leave the prospect's side.

Mobile payments are beneficial for any business, but some types of organizations can reap even more rewards. As companies investigate the potential of solutions such as Sage Mobile Payments, they should consider all the angles.

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