Want to increase sales? Employ mobile marketing
July 19, 2013

Small and medium-sized business may be aware of some of mobile marketing's benefits, but new research has found digital advertising enhances customer satisfaction. According to a recent study, reaching consumers through their smartphone or tablet is key to improving revenue customer loyalty. While SMBs that accept mobile payments may already understand that digital advertising is important, identifying just how vital it is can make a difference in the future.

Mobile-friendly marketing campaigns improve sales, loyalty
Business analytics software company SAS released new data on consumer shopping habits that found digital promotions that can be viewed on a portable device drive more sales than other types of online advertising.

Because shoppers can receive marketing materials on the go, mobile promotions generated in-store purchases. The study found that 28 percent of surveyed consumers would purchase two products if they had received a mobile promotion that could be used for more than one item. In addition, 58 percent reported being interested in receiving local stores' digital promotions while they were out shopping.

Mobile marketing campaigns included in the study generated more than additional sales. They increased loyalty as well. When digital promotions were personalized, 47 percent of survey participants said they were more likely to return to the store. 

Lori Bieda, executive lead for customer intelligence for SAS Americas, said businesses should consider taking additional steps to take advantage of the mobile advertising trend.

"When you couple the power of the smartphone with really smart analytics, retailers have an opportunity to forge some really strong customer relationships and elevate their marketing to new levels," Bieda said. "Retailers who recognize the power of customer information and analytics and use it to deliver location-smart personalized offers to consumers when and how customers want them will win the lion share of the shopping basket."

When consumers receive a retailer's promotions on their smartphones while out shopping, they are more likely to enter its store and purchase products. Marketing Land recommended brands understand that with more customers using their portable devices to look up goods and services, not adopting a mobile marketing campaign can be a mistake. Keeping initiatives location-based can help SMBs increase sales. 

Consumers continue to frequent brick-and-mortar stores, but adding a digital component to advertising campaigns can be a great idea. 

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