Visa: Credit card transactions are up in 2013
March 19, 2013

More American consumers seem to breaking out of their recessionary shells and spending money on goods and services. A new report from Visa suggests that in the first two months of 2013, the number of credit card transactions was up compared to the same time last year, Fox Business reports.

Speaking ahead of a planned investor conference, the San Francisco-based credit card provider revealed that overall payments were up 3 percent when compared against January and February of 2012. Credit card payments led the charge, climbing 11 percent and illustrating the fact that consumers are growing more confident in their ability to pay back debt.

Globally, Visa's cross-border volume growth was up by 10 percent over 2012 and processed transaction growth also climbed by 4 percent.

With more consumers utilizing their credit cards to buy goods and services, it's pivotal that businesses are able to accept this type of payment. If they aren't, they could potentially be leaving sales at the door. Tools such as Sage Mobile Payments can turn equipment that businesses are already using, such as smartphones and tablets, into devices that accept credit card payments.

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