Utilize mobile marketing to boost customer spending
June 26, 2013

Small- and medium-sized businesses constantly seek out new methods to improve consumer satisfaction and generate sales. One way is to merge marketing with electronic payment systems by developing a mobile advertising strategy. Payment integration allows SMBs to ensure customers are able to purchase products or services with their preferred payment method and investing in mobile-friendly marketing may bring additional transaction options, such as mobile payments, to their awareness. Accepting debit and credit cards through a portable device is set to boost SMB revenue into the future, and optimizing advertising campaigns for mobile electronics may help SMBs drive consumer use of the payment option.

Mobile technology advances
According to the Mobile Marketing Association, mobile technology is growing in sophistication and smartphones and tablets will become more widely available within the next few years. Due to recent increases in consumer use of portable gadgets, many employ the technology to connect with the online world on the go.

Not taking advantage of the opportunity to drive sales via mobile technology can be a major mistake for SMBs. Data from eMarketer shows companies are set to spend $37 billion on mobile advertising by 2016, according to Mobile Marketing Watch. SMBs can make sure they are using their marketing budgets wisely by integrating online advertising with the small screen of smartphones and tablets. Previous research by Google found that when a merchant's website or advertising is not optimized for mobile use, smartphone and tablet owners are five times more likely to stop trying to use the site or view the promotional message. In fact, the study noted 79 percent of mobile consumers will look for another website they can view more easily. Not taking the time to ensure online marketing campaigns are mobile-friendly can not only hinder sales, but also send customers to competitors.

Retailers have the opportunity to reach consumers before other merchants by ensuring content can be read quickly and easily on mobile platforms. One way to do this is keeping paragraphs short and to the point. SMBs may also want to include coupons exclusive for mobile marketing subscribers that do not have to be scanned to work. Because it can be difficult for a retailer to scan a mobile device at the point of sale if the screen is damaged, it's a good idea to create coupons that have a special code employees can type into the payment system for customers to get the deal.

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