Use tablets in stores to link social media and payments
July 24, 2013

There is an integral link between online marketing and driving consumers to purchase products with electronic integrated payment systems. Small and medium-sized enterprises can generate stronger use of in-store mobile payments and purchases by using a tablet and investing in an attachable credit card reader. By aligning the brick-and-mortar environment with digital technology, SMEs can encourage consumers to engage with the retailer's online presence as well as get customers excited about the mobile credit card processing option. 

According to recent research from L2 Think Tank, a digital innovation analysis provider, online searches about a merchant and social media referrals drive consumers to purchase goods on the retailer's website or in the store, eMarketer reported. 

With many retailers choosing to develop a digital presence to reach consumers, Tab Times, a tablet and mobile technology news source, suggested merchants invest in portable devices to use in stores. According to the website, tablets give retailers a new solution for consumer engagement. Employees can bring up the retailer's social profile to show customers in stores, look up online product reviews and carry out a transaction all on one device.

If the retailer has a tablet in its store, workers can enhance the customer's shopping experience without having to walk the consumer through the building. Tablets offer consumers a way to gain knowledge about an item or service, learn about the retailer and even purchase products using a single device. Because of their bigger screen, tablets are easier to use in stores than smartphones in the store and promise all of the benefits of a portable device. Driving mobile payments can be easier with a tablet than a smartphone.

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