Use payment integration to solve cash flow problems
October 01, 2013

Small businesses that are concerned with cash-flow problems may want to consider investing in mobile credit card processing technology. According to a recent report from Staples, a major office supply retailer, more than 25 percent of business owners surveyed said they frequently worry about various cash flow issues.

To solve these problems, small companies can simply look to recent customer trends for new ideas. A report released by SeeWhy, Inc., a company that offers shopping cart services for e-commerce businesses, found mobile payments now make up 40 percent of online retail sales. In fact, consumers in a wide variety of demographic groups are using smartphones and tablets to make payments over the Internet. The report said 6 in 10 U.S. shoppers over the age of 65 have purchased something online this year. Both genders have charted significant growth in the use of mobile technology. However, men are slightly more inclined to use smartphones and tablets than women.

The ability to accept mobile payments is an effective way to open additional revenue streams and solve small-business cash-flow problems. If recent trends are any indication, it is also a reliable way to increase customer satisfaction.

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