Truckers receive reward program
October 29, 2014

Loyalty reward programs can be a major factor in any retail business. It offers incentives for customers to become part of a brand or even an individual store. This grants a high level of return business for stores and dealers. Loyalty reward programs can also collect consumer data as part of an omnichannel retail strategy, which can be used to better the shopping experience. However, this concept isn't just limited to stores. More importantly, certain customers don't necessarily have to shop there initially in order to be offered a loyalty program. Such is the case with a large number of truckers around the country.

Mack Trucks, one of the leading makers of semi trucks in the United States, is extending a loyalty program to active members of the Owner-Operation Independent Drivers Association, the largest trade organization representing truckers in North America. If members purchase a new Mack model between October 2014 and December 2015, they qualify for a Mack Truck Loyalty Reward card worth $1,500. The card can be used to purchase replacement parts or complete maintenance on the truck. If the trucker bought the new vehicle with financing from Mack Financial Services, they receive an additional $500 on the card, totaling $2,000.

There are many benefits for Mack Trucks to establish the loyalty program with OOIDA members. For one, OOIDA is a captive audience, for it is made up of truckers to represent their interests. It means that the potential customers will be consistently high, making promotion relatively easy. Secondly, it grants them customers that will likely return for additional service, boosting revenue overall through incremental sales. Finally, it creates loyalty in customers, for being assisted in basic repair and maintenance needs can be a great help to truckers everywhere. The truck maker is presenting a model for other vehicle makers to follow.

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