This year's holiday sales highlight need for payment integration
December 10, 2013

If there's one thing retailers can take away from this year's holiday shopping season so far, it's that integrated payment systems are vital to ensuring transactions from multiple channels are reliably stored in a central location.

The growth of e-commerce has been developing for several years now. However, 2013 is the year consumers are shopping online at full throttle, using not only laptops and desktop computers, but mobile devices as well. Even brick-and-mortar traffic has been strong this year, as many stores have connected their Internet offerings with amenities such as in-store pickup, according to a recent report from the professional services firm Deloitte.

The technology corporation IBM said this year's Cyber Monday was the biggest online shopping event in history. The total revenue surpassed that of the same day in 2012 by 20.6 percent. Smartphones and tablets also made a significant splash this year. Consumers used mobile devices for 17 percent of online sales on Cyber Monday.

"We continue to see a dramatic movement of the new digitally savvy consumer as Cyber Monday once again proved to be the star of this holiday shopping season," Jay Henderson, Strategy Director at IBM Smarter Commerce, stated in a press release. "The mobile device has become the shopping companion of choice for consumers, driving record mobile sales with 55 percent growth over last year."

It's not too late for small and medium-sized enterprises to take full advantage of the multichannel retail experience. Investing in payment integration services is an easy, cost-effective way to organize transaction information from multiple sources. That way, managers and employees can eliminate the risk of misidentifying income or wasting valuable time performing financial tasks when they could otherwise be paying more attention to their customer service strategies.

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