The tangible benefits of loyalty programs
February 14, 2013

Advances in technology have enabled consumers to be more connected with merchants and retailers than ever before, and have provided organizations with an opportunity to create more engaging and effective loyalty and gift card programs than ever before. Merchants should consider launching loyalty programs that take advantage of mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, as consumers are increasingly using these products for shopping functions.

Business 2 Community recently listed several advantages companies gain after creating and launching digital customer loyalty programs, asserting that retailers have a unique opportunity to build longer-lasting relationships with their patrons. According to the news provider, a strong loyalty program will often yield more referrals, which can streamline the marketing process and decrease the need for costly advertisements.

The source explained that keeping customers satisfied and coming back for more is one of the more crucial components of sustainable sales, as acquisition of new clients is far more costly. As customers are looking for the most convenient processes, merchants would be wise to create simple and clear loyalty programs that offer preferable rewards for patronage. 

Business 2 Community added that loyalty programs are the fundamental building blocks of merchant-customer relationships, and that they can build partnerships that lead to higher revenues and more efficient processes. Finally, the news provider added that merchants should align loyalty initiatives with their overall mission statements and values, as this will help strengthen brand images more rapidly.

Integrated payment systems can help merchants cultivate the most beneficial customer experience, as these solutions enable streamlined transaction processing and can incorporate loyalty programs. By creating a comprehensive approach to customer service, retailers can capitalize on increasing consumer preference for the most transparent, efficient and rewarding relationships with the businesses they choose to frequent. 

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