The importance of PCI compliance: Part 2
January 19, 2015

Ensuring the security of customer's personal information when accepting credit or debit card payments is crucial to your business's success. As technology evolves, it's important to know how to best provide protection when using a mobile point-of-sale system. Practicing the best security measures and ensuring you and your employees are aware of ways to enhance protection of your customers' data will pay off in the long run.

Mobile security
Mobile devices have inspired a number of technological advancements. Mobile POS provide consumers and merchants with a convenient option for payment processing. It is crucial to keep in mind the variation in security standards for this type of processing. The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council released PCI Mobile Payment Acceptance Security Guidelines to help ensure security within this new and growing form of payment processing.

For the most part, security measures are similar to any other POS. However, the individuals who do secure coding for mobile devices can be different. Employees may also not fully understand how to securely operate a mobile POS. With new advancements, everyone working toward the security of your customers' personal information must be fully aware of the risks and precautions that should be taken.

As technology improves, equipment and application development used to protect data obtained using a mobile POS system has also progressed at a rapid rate.

Mobile payment acceptance security requires the following elements, according to the PCI Security Standards Council:

  • Encryption capabilities on your mobile device
  • Utilization of a validated point-to-point encryption solution
  • Compliance with PCI Data Security Standards

Further steps you and your business can take
Transaction World noted additional ways, outside of PCI compliance, that can boost your security. Educating your staff about hacking, skimming and fraud risks is a simple way to reduce the chance of these issues occurring.

Also, creating strong passwords to protect information stored within your systems can enhance IT security.

Remember, building trust with your patrons is essential to your growth as a business. Take the proper precautions, go the extra mile and raise security awareness.

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