The benefits of mobile POS for small business
April 23, 2015

Mobile point-of-sale systems have many benefits for retailers. These solutions allow businesses to accommodate more customers and create a modern consumer experience. Customers have more options for how, when and where they shop. From traditional stores to online, customer expectations are driving developments in the POS technology industry.

What do customers expect from retailers?
Because of shoppers' increased choices, traditional retailers need to be more competitive to maintain store traffic. Consumers use their mobile devices to compare prices and may buy something from an online competitor if they can find a better price. During peak times like the holiday season, online shopping gives people a way to avoid the crowds. In fact, consumers visit brick-and-mortar stores less frequently than in the past, according to The Point of Sale News. However, they spend more in traditional retail locations than they do online, meaning retailers that enable a quality experience can gain an advantage. Because customers have more options, they will be more loyal to companies that prioritize experience.

Small businesses and larger retailers alike need to find innovative ways to reach customers or risk losing traffic to online stores.

Why is mobile POS so effective for small businesses?
Some retailers may have avoided mobile POS and other cloud-based credit card processing technology due to concerns about the cost, but these systems can help small-business owners cut their operating expenses. Some of the other benefits include:

  • Fewer upgrade expenses: Because POS programs are hosted in the cloud, retailers can save money on upgrades and always access the most up-to-date version of the software, which may include security fixes to keep their data more secure.
  • Scalability: One of the key benefits of mobile POS for small-business owners is these systems can scale up as the company grows.
  • Reporting: Mobile gives businesses better access to data because owners can run reports without being in the store.

In addition, moving away from traditional cash registers frees up store space for increased merchandise. Shopping needs to be tailored around consumer preferences since people now have the choice to purchase products at any time through multiple channels. With mobile POS, staff members have a greater ability to move around and assist shoppers, which boosts the customer experience. Mobile POS also helps staff members increase efficiency and reduce wait times. During busy periods, customers may leave the store rather than wait in line to make a purchase.

As consumer preferences continue to change, retailers will need to keep up to maintain a competitive advantage. Mobile POS can help them adapt.

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