Technology enhances restaurant loyalty programs, payment processing
October 07, 2013

The ability to leverage payment integration opportunities with advanced technology can help businesses in the fast-food restaurant industry become more competitive and successful in the long run.

According to the magazine Advertising Age, fast food companies have been slower than other business-to-consumer organizations to accept mobile credit card payments in recent years. However, the fierce competitiveness of the industry and rapidly changing consumer behaviors have encouraged some brands to invest in fully integrated payment systems that seamlessly process and store transaction information from multiple channels. As a result, these companies are opening up a multitude of additional revenue opportunities as customer satisfaction and retention rates increase.

In addition to the ability to accept mobile payments at the point of sale, many fast-food restaurants are utilizing smartphone and tablet technology to create robust gift card programs and loyalty programs. QRS Magazine, a restaurant industry publication, said not only are businesses letting their customers make orders remotely through mobile tools, they are also using digital network communications data to offer rewards that encourage consumers to make repeat visits.

Recent trends show shoppers in many industries are using their mobile devices more often to interact with brands. Advanced gift card programs and loyalty programs offer equal benefits for both consumers and restaurant owners. For example, QRS said customers can enjoy a more convenient and satisfying service experience by having the ability to order food, make payments and earn rewards all through one mobile portal. Businesses can then use this technology to track valuable customer data, which can that lead to improvements in overall service, as well as a more loyal and profitable clientele.

Integrated payment systems that are able to process mobile transactions can bring fast-food restaurants into the 21st century. Supplementing this technology with gift card programs and loyalty programs will likely place these businesses well ahead of their competition.

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