Taking loyalty programs into the digital sphere
February 21, 2013

The proliferation and massive adoption of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets among consumers have provided merchants with unique opportunities to capitalize. As more customers expect to use their personal devices to make purchases, retailers should consider adopting the necessary technology to accommodate mobile payments and digital loyalty and gift card programs.

Marketing Magazine recently reported that many retailers are turning to mobile loyalty programs to reduce costs and improve returns on investment. As loyalty programs used through mobile devices can be more interactive, information-rich and aligned with corporate strategies, merchants have a better chance at boosting participation and brand awareness through such initiatives.

According to the news provider, simple portions of traditional loyalty programs, such as purchasing or creating paper cards, are made irrelevant when moving the initiatives into the digital landscape. Merchants can take these programs to the next level by incorporating marketing strategies, such as proximity-aware advertisements, into the mobile loyalty initiative.

The source explained that this approach gives merchants an opportunity to directly connect customers to either physical storefronts, or online websites. By incorporating all of these tactics into one convenient, engaging and effective loyalty program, merchants can save enormous amounts of money on marketing and customer retention strategies.

Finally, Marketing Magazine added that mobile loyalty puts the brand in the pockets of consumers, allowing them to research and shop whenever is most convenient for them. As the modern customer looks for the most convenient and accessible merchants when choosing where to make purchases, this perk can directly improve returns on investment.

Mobile payments and loyalty programs can be integrated into one affordable, efficient and engaging customer service process with integrated payment systems. Small and medium-sized businesses should consider using Sage Mobile Payments for their transaction processing needs, as this solution can be implemented in a timely fashion. 

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