Study finds mobile usage grows among sales teams
April 19, 2013

All across the country, organizations are beginning to see the value of accepting plastic payments through mobile payment processing software. Companies in manufacturing and distribution are not the only ones benefiting from the purchasing platform, but the Girl Scouts have also recently joined the list of organizations that have started implementing the electronic payment processing solution across mobile devices. 

Portability important for many salespeople
The number of consumers using mobile technology has been rising in recent years, and portable devices offer companies the ability to easily conduct business on the road.

According to a recent survey by Sage Payment Solutions, mobile usage has increased across the manufacturing and distribution industries, with 78 percent of employees using a smartphone in the workplace and 63 percent using tablets. The study found portable technology was vital for many salespeople, with 31 percent of manufacturers saying they use the devices to retrieve sales information while meeting with clients. Being able to show hard data to the client in a portable format allows salespeople to stay organized and avoid miscommunication.

For John Babcock, vice president at Satellite Industries, mobile technology provides his company with the tools to reach across the world. 

"We're increasingly faced with the need to operate 24/7 throughout all sections of our supply chain," Babcock said in a recent interview with Sage Executive Vice President of Mid Market Solutions, Joe Langner. "I can sit here at my desk in Minnesota, complete a quote for a customer in Germany, and then send off that quote in German with the amounts in Euros. Even better, I can perform the same task, just as effectively, from my iPad at the coffee shop . . . I can now update accounts and conduct business from any corner of the world."

Girl Scouts see increase in sales
Sage Mobile Payment software is currently in use among 40 Girl Scout councils in 26 different states and the Girl Scouts have seen a 4 percent rise in revenue from 2012 as a result. Accepting electronic payments while walking through neighborhoods decreases the chance of girl scouts handling cash and allows consumers who do not carry cash to purchase cookies. 

The benefits of mobile technology are expected to continue increasing. Payment processing software in a portable format grants organizations, no matter the size, the same opportunity to drive sales and keep customers satisfied. Staying up to date on the current technology can help companies reach their client base in a more efficient way. 

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