Social media gaming presents unique payment integration opportunities
October 03, 2013

Small and medium-sized businesses can leverage the increasing popularity of social media games to offer effective gift card programs and loyalty programs. Mobile technology has already transformed the way retail organizations accept credit card payments. By paying closer attention to how consumers are using their smartphones and tablets, companies can think of creative ways to expand revenue.

A recent report from eMarketer estimated the total number of U.S. consumers who play games on social media platforms at least once per month will reach 80.3 million by the end of this year. Currently, 48 percent of people who consider themselves active gamers play more than three mobile games on a weekly basis. Among that same group of consumers, 43 percent have made in-game purchases through remote electronic payment systems.

Businesses have unique opportunities to supplement the convenience of mobile credit card processing with the engagement of many digitally based customer retention strategies. For example, Entrepreneur said the use of gamification in gift card programs and loyalty programs often encourages shoppers to share brand information with their friends and family. As a result, companies can experience revenue growth by processing payments from new customers.

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