Railways now accept plastic payments at POS
April 18, 2013

Electronic payment systems offer businesses the opportunity to accept debit and credit card payments. Most recently, Denver railway stations have begun to implement the payment processing solution at the point of sale (POS) to better serve their customers who do not carry cash and to keep public transit practical option for more consumers.

Increasing payment options helps more people use transportation
According to Denver Business Journal, the Regional Transportation District (RTD) felt it was time to upgrade their ticket vending machines' payment systems at select light-rail stations. The move results from the growing need to keep up with consumer purchasing preferences and increase customer satisfaction. The district stated a credit-only machine will be installed at designated stations. Instead of installing new machines, the transit organization can simply update existing machines in some cases.

Accepting credit cards boosts customer financial security
The transportation district stated the new measures will offer ease of use for customers who feel carrying cash around is not safe. According to the RTD, the new machines "will allow for easier fare payment in a safe, secure and efficient arrangement for light rail passengers."

Debit and credit card payment processing software, such as Sage Payment Solutions, grants consumers financial security at the point of sale. The electronic payment method continues to gain recognition among businesses as a beneficial way to increase sales and boost consumer retention. The RTD hopes its measure will promote local public transportation and continue to make light rail a viable option for customers who would rather pay with plastic. 

Railroads, metro taxis and many other types of public transit have begun to accept debit and credit cards after finding the number of consumers carrying plastic has increased over the years. As technology advances and more customers make the switch from cash to credit, businesses that are looking to boost sales may want to stay updated on preferred purchasing methods and may even look toward adopting a single portal that combines credit card payment processing with innovative platforms, such as mobile purchasing software. The RTD currently has no plans to integrate mobile purchasing software, but as mobile technology advances, consumers may see more transportation services invest in this new payment method as well.

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