Providing online purchase options
January 28, 2015

As we become more dependent on the Internet and mobile technology, many businesses are beginning to shift and accommodate an online consumer market. If your business does not already offer your customer base an online purchase option, consider implementing this alternative to optimize service and increase sales.

Influence the browsers to make a purchase
Entrepreneur noted that providing an easy mobile checkout option can encourage your customers to make purchases. Buying your products and services should be both easy and quick. This can heighten the likelihood that people will buy from their mobile devices.

It is also important to not let registering for emails and coupons get in the way of customers. Allow everyone to make purchases without being forced to register with your business. Remember that keeping the attention of your customers and providing with them with a fast and convenient option can influence their buying behavior.

Provide your customers with a quality product description
When you sell products online, customers are not able to engage with the product or try it out. Your description of each item or service will be largely responsible for whether or not a person invests in your product. Small Business Trends recommended providing plenty of detail to accompany the listing of any items you are selling online. Your description should also accurately market the product positively and optimally.

In addition, quality photographs of products are essential. Customers should be able to clearly view a product and have a good idea of what it is, as well as the quality of the item.

Accepting online payments
Business News Daily emphasized the importance of PCI compliance when accepting payments online. Credit and debit card purchases made through your website or through a mobile device require your business to meet more security standards. Verify the billing address and ensure that the payment and shipping address are the same.

"If you are shipping an order for a card-not-present transaction, always look at the shipping address," said Joe Palko, chief marketing officer of 3dcart Shopping Cart Software. "An abnormally large percentage of fraudulent transactions are shipped to addresses that are different from the billing address."

When you decide to enter the online channel, your business will be exposed to a higher volume of potential customers. Ensure that you are fully aware of the steps you should take to ensure both security and maximum profit.

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