Payment integration leads to cost savings for trucking businesses
October 03, 2013

Electronic payment systems offer unique opportunities for consumers and business owners in a variety of industries to save money. According to Community Merchants USA, an online credit card payments information resource for small companies, brands can entice new customers into their stores by offering the convenience of multiple transaction processing options. In turn, store owners can increase revenue and maintain substantial profit margins. Similarly, the source said customers often appreciate the ability to charge goods and services to a credit card, which means they don't have to actually front the money until a later, more convenient date.

The benefits work equally throughout a variety of industries. In fact, Commercial Carrier Journal, a fleet management publication, said many fuel companies have long utilized dynamic retention strategies to increase revenue while allowing repeat customers to save money on overhead costs. Filling up on gas is an inevitable part of transporting goods across U.S. highway systems. As a result, many fleet management organizations work closely with gas stations to offer advanced gift card programs and loyalty programs that make the payment process much easier for customers, Commercial Carrier Journal reported. Not only do truckers benefit from the convenience of purchasing gas through electronic methods, but fuel companies are also able to access robust data that contributes to long-term revenue growth and improved customer retention rates.

According to Forbes, trucks are responsible for transporting 70 percent of goods delivered in the U.S. However, the price of oil has skyrocketed in recent years, causing many fleet management companies to struggle to afford the rising cost of fuel. Businesses that are able to offer dynamic processing technology in this industry have a much better chance at securing substantial profit margins in difficult economic times.

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