Online credit card processing becomes a priority amid mobile growth
February 05, 2014

Small and midsize enterprises should prioritize efforts to accept credit card payments online this year. What was once an innovative platform that typically concerned only a small handful of powerful companies has since become widespread in the entire U.S. business environment. Companies that neglect to optimize their websites to handle credit and debit card transactions are missing out on a large number of growth opportunities in the future.

According to Reuters, a recent report from Cisco predicted that Americans will continue consuming large quantities of mobile data throughout the next decade. There were roughly 35 million Internet connections made through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets in 2013. By 2018, that number may reach 271 million.

Forbes said much of this growth will have to do with the fact that more U.S. consumers will have access to mobile technology in the future. Network connections will also likely become much stronger as demand continues to increase.

Enterprise owners can leverage these trends to their advantage by making sure their websites can accept credit card payments, even when customers are navigating the Web using smartphones and tablets.

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