New bill may bring mobile POS to tow trucks
March 12, 2013

Mobile solutions that enable smartphones and tablet devices to accept debit card payments and accept credit card payments continue to grow more mainstream. Most recently, a new bill in Utah will require local tow truck drivers to utilize mobile point-of-sale (POS) platforms to allow customers greater flexibility in how they pay to release their cars.

The bill was passed in the Utah State House by a vote of 66 to 4 and mandates that tow truck operators implement mobile payments. The proposal will now need to be accepted by the Utah State Senate.

Proponents of the bill, such as journalist Antone Clark of Utah's Standard-Examiner, were quick to note that mobile payment solutions are affordable and easy to use, making it difficult for opponents to argue that the new transaction method would cause financial or operational distress among tow truck operators. Many such mobile solutions providers, including Sage Mobile Payments, provide the hardware at low cost and don't charge any additional fees. Some mobile POS systems can provide additional information to operators, enabling them to track transaction histories. 

"The bill," Clark explains to Mobile Marketing Watch, "is seen as consumer protection against towing companies that aggressively hook up cars parked in spots for too long or left on the road, and then expect cash payment, sometimes inflating the cost when the car is impounded overnight."

Representative Seven Eliason notes that few other industries charge upward of $200 for tickets and don't accept credit and debit cards in some way or another, highlighting the value that mobile POS solutions can provide to tow truck operators.

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