More small businesses adopting new retail technology
October 24, 2013

Integrated payment systems provide businesses with the tools and equipment necessary to make room for rapidly changing consumer behaviors.

A new report from the media and advertising company BIA/Kelsey and Ipsos, a global research organization, released the results of a new survey that shows local businesses are more prone to changing consumer habits than ever before. In fact, 94 percent of shoppers surveyed said they utilized digital channels to purchase goods from small retailers as opposed to larger chain companies.

"Our first wave of the Consumer Commerce Monitor survey reveals local shoppers are using a wide range of traditional and digital channels to engage with local businesses," Steve Marshall, director of research, BIA/Kelsey, stated in a press release.

According to The San Luis Obispo Tribune, a local newspaper based in California, many small businesses are starting to incorporate multiple engagement channels beyond their brick-and-mortar locations. While tools such as websites and online shopping portals have brought success to many organizations in the San Luis Obispo Area, the newspaper said many companies still have trouble spreading the word about their new services.

Businesses can invest in gift card programs and loyalty programs that make it easier for customers to utilize multiple channels throughout the shopping process. Supplementing these tools with payment integration services can ensure managers are able to organize information from many different platforms.

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