Mobile technology much more than a credit card processing tool
October 18, 2013

The growing popularity of mobile credit card payments has transformed more than just the point-of-sale experience at retail businesses. In fact, small and medium-sized companies across multiple industries are finding new opportunities to utilize technology to target customers in unique ways.

A report published recently from Appcelerator, a mobile integration service for private enterprises, examined the ways in which businesses are utilizing smartphones and tablets to enhance operations. Among more than 800 organizations that responded to the survey, 46 percent said they have placed a priority on investing in mobile testing platforms. The report also said the use of these new tools is important in keeping up with competing organizations. For example, 60 percent of companies believe they are especially vulnerable to competition and that mobile technology is an effective way to get ahead in the market.

Investments in mobile credit card processing services open up unique opportunities for businesses to streamline otherwise complicated financial operations. Integrated payment systems allow store owners to reduce the amount of time it takes to organize revenue from multiple channels. Any chance to boost efficiency and reduce overhead costs can make all the difference in turning a business into a leading industry competitor.

Opportunities for marketing integration
Outside of backroom processes, the spread of mobile technology has also made it easier for businesses to market their products and services to target customers. The Mobile Marketing Association and Neustar, a research and analytics company, collaborated to gather data on the attitudes businesses have about the potential for digital marketing amid the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets. The report, titled "Marketers Guide to Mobile and Data" found 85 percent of organizations believe mobile technology represents the most effective gateway to new markets and customers.

"Mobile has transcended boundaries, evolving beyond its role as a connection or convergence device," MMA CEO Greg Stuart said in a press release. "Marketers no longer ask 'why mobile' because the future health of their brands directly depends on mobile's role as a marketing vehicle."

Further illustrating this trend is the fact that 40 percent of businesses said mobile marketing enhancements are a top priority, according to the survey. Those respondents cited the wealth of valuable data that comes hand in hand with smartphone and tablet integration.

In other words, mobile technology isn't simply a credit card processing tool for small and medium-sized businesses. Organizations can leverage these systems to access and retain new customers in the long term.

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