Mobile technology gives HVAC contractors a cool new way to accept payments
March 11, 2013

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) specialists do the majority of their work in other people's homes. Whether they are installing a new air conditioning unit or improving ventilation to keep a home warm in the winter, they have to be on location to actually make these changes.

Unfortunately, when it comes time for payment, this can present some issues. They can't just bring cash registers with them to each jobsite, and asking employees to hang on to cash all day can be inconvenient and risky. Fortunately, payment processing technology is always evolving. New mobile payment platforms can be used in conjunction with the smartphones that many contractors always have on their persons. With this hardware, they can quickly and easily accept debit card payments and accept credit card payments.

While HVAC repair and installation may be an age-old profession, new mobile payments technology enables contractors to step into the modern world and be more flexible, Mobile Marketing Watch explains. A 2012 study suggests that fewer people are using cash and more prefer to use debit and credit cards for payments. In the United States, only 50 percent of payments are still made in cash, according to the Nilson Report. In 1996, that figure was at 75 percent, highlighting the rapid decline in cash use.

"Electronic payments are gaining momentum in the region because of the convenience, safety and efficiency that they provide, and they are becoming the preferred choice for millions of consumers," the report added.

How mobile technology helps HVAC contractors stay modern
Mobile technology allows HVAC professionals and other specialists in similar industries to accept credit and debit payments and avoid alienating customers who don't want to pay with cash. There are any number of ways that consumers can pay, and by opening up the options, HVAC companies can serve a greater spectrum of potential customers.

Mobile payments can play a critical role in helping modern businesses stay afloat in an environment where preferred payments are always changing. Moreover, the hardware is easy to use and requires only smartphone or tablet devices that many HVAC professionals are already using.

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