Mobile payments drive shopping convenience, easy transactions
July 24, 2013

Consumers look for ways to purchase products or services quickly and easily, and mobile payments promise shopping convenience. Many small and medium-sized businesses have already included the purchasing platform in their payment solutions, but widespread adoption of mobile payments may emerge as more consumers use the transaction method for other purchases. In fact, many cities across the country are upgrading their public parking and taxi services to accept mobile credit card payments through electronic payment systems to ensure consumers can effortlessly shop at local stores. 

According to NBC Connecticut, the city of New Haven has invested in an easy-to-use app that allows residents to pay for parking through their phone. By implementing the new system, consumers may become more comfortable with the transaction platform and shop at local stores more frequently. 

Cab services in Washington, D.C., recently incorporated debit and credit card readers into their vehicles, and Digital Journal reported the city may go one step further and install mobile payments. The website suggested that consumers looking to use a taxi would no longer have to ensure they have enough cash if they have a digital wallet or plastic.

When customers begin being able to use mobile payments for different purchases, they may start reaching for their smartphone at the point of sale in retail stores or ask to use an on-the-go credit card reader. 

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