Mobile payments can help businesses go green and attract customers
March 28, 2013

Over the past few years, the green movement has picked up steam. No longer are green shoppers a niche audience - they are quickly becoming the majority. If two businesses are exactly alike, many customers would prefer to shop at the one that carries green products and practices environmentally friendly behaviors.

For small businesses, going green can be a significant boon in terms of sales and customer traffic. A recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive asserts that 82 percent of American adults know which brands and companies have a history of being environmentally friendly. Additionally, 80 percent use that knowledge to inform their purchasing decisions - they'd rather support green companies with their patronage.

Not only does going green translate into a broader audience, it also means shoppers may make more frequent purchases. A separate study conducted by Deloitte found that green customers shop 6 percent more than standard customers (29.9 percent compared to 23.7 percent) and they also buy more products over their lifetimes (43.7 percent compared to 33.8 percent).

How mobile payments can lead a green transformation
Going green is no easy task - it takes a conscientious effort to change many behaviors in a way that ensures businesses are actively minding the environment. That being said, these changes are often small and can add up.

For instance, one step companies could take is switching to mobile payments. According to research from AllEtronic, American companies demand 640,000 tons of receipt paper each year - a number that equates to 9.6 million trees cut down annually. Additionally, processing and manufacturing receipt paper consumes 390 gallons of oil per ton. Not only does receipt paper result in forests being cleared, it also creates a substantial amount of carbon dioxide.

With Sage Mobile Payments, businesses can accept credit card payments and accept debit card payments through the quick swipe of a card through a hardware accessory. After a transaction is complete, companies could opt to send receipts electronically to customers through email, enabling them to avoid printing receipts. While this may seem small in the grand scheme of things, it's just one action that organizations can take to improve their reputations as green entities.

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