Mobile payments, marketing strategies and loyalty programs converging
February 27, 2013

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have turned to new technology as a way to refine operations, drive efficiency and boost customer engagement. With integrated payment systems, business owners can ensure the most cohesive strategies related to customer interactions, ranging from the ability to accept credit cards to the launch of loyalty and gift card programs

Fast Company recently reported that mobile marketing is also heating up for businesses of all sizes, especially as more consumers use their smartphones and tablets to research and purchase products from retailers. According to the news provider, one study revealed that marketers are in the midst of a great migration to digital platforms to ride the increasingly web-oriented consumer landscape.

The source explained that the survey found that 96 percent of marketers are already using mobile platforms for advertising campaigns, or expect to do so in the near future. However, Fast Company purported that the marketing industry will need to devise a set of standards and best practices to ensure consistency and ease of use for merchants and consumers alike.

The news provider cited shoe-maker Puma's approach to mobile marketing and integration with the shopping experience, which involved a mobile app that allowed customers to design their own footwear. Further, the source asserted that mobile-marketing strategies, especially those integrated with payment processing and loyalty, provide additional value for current and prospective clients. 

Fast Company forecast the strongest companies going forward to be those that optimize the customer experience through cohesive marketing strategies that incorporate mobile platforms.

SMBs should consider adopting integrated payment systems to keep all customer-facing components of the business comprehensively and efficiently managed. With these solutions, businesses can combine marketing efforts with loyalty programs and payment-processing capabilities, leading to the strongest overall customer experience. 

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