Mobile marketing helps retailers boost multichannel sales
December 16, 2013

A high-quality integrated payment system can position any small or mid-sized business for long-term success. However, investing in the infrastructure alone likely won't result in an immediate increase in sales. Taking full advantage of the ability to accept credit cards from more than just the brick-and-mortar establishment requires targeted marketing efforts that guide consumers through the buying process.

The cloud-based marketing service provider Responsys released the results of a survey earlier this month that surveyed 1,200 U.S. consumers about their purchasing behaviors when it comes to including mobile technology into the traditional retail environment. The report found there is a relatively large opportunity for brands to increase multichannel sales by targeting consumers with relevant information through smartphones and tablets. In fact, 64 percent of respondents said they have purchased items as a direct result of receiving mobile marketing messages from a company.

"Without a doubt, effective mobile marketing - across SMS, mobile apps, push notifications and Passbook - drives consumers to purchase and yet it seems that many marketers are missing out on this opportunity," Michael Della Penna, senior vice president of emerging channels at Responsys, stated in a press release.

Brands are catching on to these opportunities. A report from eMarketer said mobile ad spending will likely outpace that of regular desktop spending by 2017. By the end of this year, marketers are expected to spend roughly $9.6 billion on messaging targeted specifically for smartphones and tablets, a 120 percent increase from 2012.

Making special efforts to reach consumers through their preferred media will enhance the role of a store's existing payment integration infrastructure. Shoppers are generally eager to purchase items through a variety of channels. Most of the time, they simply need a gentle marketing nudge to guide them through the process.

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