Mobile devices influence everyday consumer decisions
August 27, 2013

Many small and midsized businesses are investing in mobile payments to take advantage of increased consumer awareness about the transaction option. Yet accepting mobile credit card payments is not only a great way to provide customer with multiple purchasing platforms, it may be vital in the near future. According to Time magazine, the prevalence of smartphones and tablets in today's consumer culture may drive increased connectivity in the long term. SMBs still on the fence about investing in innovative payment systems should consider the growing prominence of portable gadgets among today's consumers and how not investing in the transaction platform may negatively affect the business in the future.

Americans spend more time on smartphones and tablets
From boosting mobile marketing efforts to accepting plastic on an attachable credit card reader, today's retail community understands that U.S. consumers spend much of their time on their portable gadgets. Adopting mobile marketing and credit card acceptance is important to take advantage of this growing dependence on portable devices, yet SMBs may not know how many hours a day the average consumer actually spends on his or her smartphone or tablet.

According to PYMNTS, consumers often look at their phones while doing other activities, such as watching TV or eating a meal. The Bureau of Labor Statistics' "American Time Use Survey" estimated that after eating and sleeping, the majority of Americans' time is spent multitasking, often with a mobile device in hand. For example, recent data from Nielsen found 70 percent of smartphone and tablet owners surf the Web on their gadgets while watching TV, with 20 percent of tablet owners purchasing goods. According to PYMNTS, this growing use of mobile devices during other activities and throughout consumers' days can be beneficial to SMBs.

Portable gadgets aren't set to disappear anytime soon. The Los Angeles Times reported most people spend half of their day using electronics, consuming media and communicating through devices. As smartphone and tablet ownership increases, SMBs should consider adjusting their business strategies to become aligned with the trend.

SMBs may want to think about investing in mobile devices and an attachable debit and credit card reader to take advantage of rising consumer awareness about the capabilities of portable gadgets. With mobile payments about to take off among U.S. retailers, it can be beneficial for SMBs to accept plastic through smartphones or tablets to stay competitive.

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