Mobile devices become integral part of the workplace
April 03, 2013

Mobile devices are quickly becoming commonplace in most work environments. Whether they are employee-owned or company property, it isn't unusual to see workplaces littered with smartphones and tablets. Now, many businesses are beginning to more closely integrate these devices into their operations.

For instance, approximately 89 percent of companies plan to provide their employees with mobile apps that can be used to accomplish a variety of business-related tasks. Of that 89 percent, 25 percent have already deployed such solutions on a widespread scale and 29 percent have done so in a limited fashion, a study from Information Week found.

Mobile payment systems are one such measure that many businesses are integrating. With a solution such as Sage Mobile Payments, companies can use a downloadable app and a piece of hardware to accept credit card payments and debit card payments. The ability to convert a smartphone or tablet into a real point-of-sale system allows organizations to better cater to the needs of their customers.

With credit and debit cards growing to be the most widely used payment methods, offerings like Sage Mobile Payments are crucial to broadening businesses' payment processing options.

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