Mobile credit card processing technology expands to more businesses
October 07, 2013

In the last few years, point-of-sale technology that allows businesses to accept mobile credit card payments and otherwise make the shopping experience more convenient has transformed from a mere trend into an industry standard.

RetailWire, an online resource for businesses, said rapid advancements in technology have eliminated many of the barriers to entry that previously existed for small and medium-sized companies that were interested in implementing these services. According to a report published by IHL Group, a global research firm, 28 percent of retailers in North America expect to invest in mobile POS technology by the end of this year.

A recent article in Forbes said the ability to accept mobile credit card payments is no longer limited to large corporations with access to unlimited resources. In fact, the source said small and medium-sized enterprises in a variety of industries can benefit from investing in electronic transaction systems that increase customer satisfaction while creating additional revenue streams. According to Forbes, mobile technology is making its way into the smallest retail outlets. Farmers markets, restaurant delivery services and in-home operations such as plumbing and cable installation can now take advantage of changing consumer trends and accept credit card payments through mobile channels.

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