Mobile credit card processing requires advanced Web technology
November 13, 2013

Optimizing e-commerce portals to easily process mobile credit card payments is a reliable way for businesses in the retail industry to maintain operational organization in the face of changing consumer behaviors. Store owners must constantly adapt to the evolving preferences of their target customers. Failing to do so can result in negative impacts on overall revenue in the long run. However, small and medium sized companies often struggle to successfully incorporate new technology in the most efficient ways possible.

Media Post, an online news publication, cited a recent report from the marketing firm The Search Agency that found many brands have failed to update their websites and e-commerce portals to fully reflect the growing popularity of mobile devices among consumers. According to the website, Google recommends pages that are optimized to display on smartphones and tablets load in less than one second. However, The Search Agency's report showed only 16 percent of businesses that participated in the survey currently meet those requirements. In fact, the average load time was 3.62 seconds.

Payment integration streamlines mobile credit card processing
Slow loading times on e-commerce websites can have negative impacts on business success. Radware, a company that provides application delivery and security services, released its annual "State of the Union: Mobile Ecommerce Performance" report earlier this month and found companies have significant growth opportunities from processing mobile sales. The only problem is that many store's current Web designs aren't fast enough to satisfy the needs of consumers.

"More than half of all time spent with online retail sites occur on a mobile device, and we're investigating why there is such a massive gap between how much time consumers spend on mobile retail versus how much money they spend on mobile retail," Tammy Everts, a Web performance evangelist at Radware, stated in a press release. "Slow pages are the number one user complaint around mobile sites, ranking even higher than site crashes."

As small and medium-sized retailers make concerted efforts to accept mobile payments from consumers, they must also invest in advanced operational technology that streamlines many backroom financial processes. With an integrated payment system, store owners can ensure transaction data from multiple online channels is properly organized and efficiently stored. As a result, businesses can eliminate the risk of processing individual transactions twice or losing track of valuable financial information.

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