Mobile credit card payments a growing part of online and offline retail
September 20, 2013

Payment integration is changing the way consumers shop at both brick-and-mortar establishments and remote e-commerce channels. The increasing popularity of mobile technology has led to a major shift in the way people approach the traditional retail shopping experience. These days, consumers are more likely to bring their smartphones along with them no matter where they go. This means businesses that accept credit card payments may want to invest in new services that are optimized for mobile technology.

Consumer behaviors in stores
A study published earlier this year by the Google Shopper Marketing Agency Council and M/A/R/C Research found 84 percent of smartphone owners actively use their devices while shopping in physical stores. According to the report, this behavior holds true no matter what the retail category. A large number of shoppers use mobile technology while shopping for appliances, groceries, health and beauty products, electronics and pet care.

Not only does this voluntary integration of online and offline channels change the way consumers behave while shopping, it may even have a profound impact on the amount of money they spend during a typical visit. The report found shoppers who use smartphones while strolling the aisles of physical businesses tend to spend more money than those who don't use mobile devices or who use them less frequently. In the appliances industry, for instance, people who identify themselves as frequent mobile shoppers have a 40 percent larger median basket size than shoppers who identify their mobile habits as standard.

Consumer behaviors online
According to Mobile Commerce Daily, consumers are also starting to rely heavily on mobile devices at all points of the online shopping experience. Data from eMarketer released this year said e-commerce businesses expect mobile payments to account for 24 percent of total sales volume by 2016.

"It's only a matter of time before mobile browsers become the dominant shopping platforms for e-commerce sites, so we are going to continue to see a shift in budgets from desktop design focus to mobile," Jason Goldberg, vice president of commerce practice at Razorfish, an interactive marketing agency, told Mobile Commerce Daily.

Small and medium-sized businesses can invest in mobile credit card payment processing services to stay ahead of changing trends in consumer behavior. As recent research suggests, mobile devices will likely be around for the next several years. Accommodating this new technology into the retail experience is a smart growth strategy.

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