Mobile continues to drive merchant growth
January 03, 2013
The payment processing landscape has quickly shifted away from traditional methods - specifically cash - and toward mobile and plastic transactions. Merchants have a unique opportunity to transition their capabilities and strategies to capitalize on the increasing popularity of smartphones, tablets, credit cards and debit cards through the use of integrated payment systems.

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) were once at a disadvantage, as payment processing was an easier cost to digest for larger enterprises. However, the rise of mobile payments has allowed SMBs to become more agile and efficient, while improving customer experiences through the use of more convenient systems.

Investor's Business Daily recently explained why it believes mobile payments will increase even more rapidly in 2013 than last year. According to the news provider, smartphone adoption is already beginning to close in on the highest market shares possible, with a majority of consumers using the devices.

The source predicts that mobile payments will continue to outpace even the most generous predictions, with a greater variety of consumer-facing applications and enterprise-oriented systems hitting the market than ever before. Though major payment processors have entered the mobile payments industry, smaller providers of these services continue to lead the charge.

Sage Mobile Payments is one such service that is specifically tailored to the needs of SMBs, and is custom-priced to give smaller merchants a competitive advantage. With integrated payment systems, merchants can incorporate loyalty and gift card programs into their payment processing strategies for the most cohesive, comprehensive and effective initiatives.

With 2013 underway, many retailers are looking for ways to drive profits in the coming quarters. Last month, Forbes predicted that this year will be characterized by a rise in loyalty programs offerings among merchants. The news provider asserted that loyalty programs growth will be driven by higher smartphone adoption rates.
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