Meet consumer expectations with dynamic loyalty programs
October 17, 2013

The ability to accept mobile payments doesn't have to be limited to physical points of sale at brick-and-mortar stores. Businesses can integrate this technology with advanced gift card programs and loyalty programs that users can easily access from smartphones or similar devices.

Steven Van Bellegham, a social media and digital marketing expert, wrote in Business 2 Community about how brands have struggled to maintain loyalty among their most frequent customers in recent years. A small number of successful companies have been able to innovate the customer experience in meaningful ways, which means those satisfied shoppers often come to expect the same level of service from other stores.

"The best examples create expectations across all sectors," Bellegham said. "Companies with a certain history and an older infrastructure have trouble coping with today's rate of change."

By integrating gift card programs and loyalty programs with advanced technology, businesses have a greater chance at retaining customers in the long run. According to Inc. Magazine, the ability to offer quality service throughout all points of the transaction experience is an essential step in building trust and loyalty among shoppers. Rewards programs that incorporate unique discounts, social media integration and other benefits can help companies of any size ultimately meet the growing demands of their target customers.

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