Macy's and Bloomingdale's expand mobile POS reach
October 29, 2014

Mobile point-of-sale terminals are becoming increasingly ubiquitous among retailers everywhere. There are many benefits to using mobile POS in a store, including opening up new settings and layouts for the sales floor and creating a more immersive experience for consumers. It's this type of strategy that allows brick-and-mortar merchants to compete effectively with online retail. It allows for flexibility for both employees to provide customer service and for patrons to get what they need in a quick and efficient manner. It's no surprise, then, that two leading retailers are now stepping up and developing their own mobile payments strategies.

High fashion, high service
The first major retailer to make a splash with mobile POS is high-end department store Bloomingdale's. In early October 2014, the store announced the opening of a new store at the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, California. The new store is part of a company-wide effort to embrace mobile retail as a whole and is conveniently placed at the heart of Silicon Valley. The new Stanford store is the first store in the company that is fully mobile. To help customers find what they're looking for, sales associates will be able to call, email and text shoppers while they're in the store or outside it. This is particularly useful when a certain dress is not available in the right size at the moment and a patron wants to know when it will come in. In addition, store sections will have tablets for customers to find out if certain items such as shoes are available.

More importantly, Bloomingdale's embraces mobile payments through the use of integrated payments systems. Along with communicating with customers, sales associates can complete transactions on their mobile devices through mobile POS. This allows customers to complete their purchase without having to walk a significant distance to a kiosk. In addition, the store's bWallet program offers rewards cards and special offers to be used by customers through their mobile devices.

Bloomingdale's is not the only retailer that has begun harnessing mobile POS for the better. Its parent company, Macy's, is also piloting mobile terminals through its Connect@Macy's program, with select stores in New Jersey and Georgia receiving upgrades to becoming fully mobile in the coming weeks and months. The company is undergoing this transition as part of a new omnichannel strategy that aims to make the customer service experience as seamless as possible.

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