Loyalty programs, mobile payments converging for convenience
January 09, 2013
New advances in payment processing, marketing and merchant-oriented technology have enabled retailers to create more convenient and engaging initiatives than ever before. The proliferation of these affordable solutions, such as integrated payment systems, has also allowed small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to become more competitive in their respective markets.

Daily Deal Media (DDM) recently asserted that merchants should consider combining mobile payment processing strategies with loyalty and gift card programs for maximum consumer experience. According to the news provider, the increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets among consumers represents a major opportunity which merchants can capitalize on with the aid of strong strategies.

The source explained that merchants should not simply upload old loyalty programs to mobile-friendly platforms, but rather create entirely new initiatives that make the most of digital environments and smartphone use. 

Additionally, DDM said that mobile commerce is expected to increase monumentally in the coming years, reaching $1 trillion by 2015. By combining loyalty program strategies with payment processing capabilities, merchants will maximize profits through the most convenient and optimal customer experience possible.

Sage Mobile Payments is one product that helps businesses achieve this optimal loyalty and transaction processing environment. Sage Payments Solutions' integrated payment systems are custom made and priced for SMBs, and can help smaller firms compete with their larger counterparts in a more effective fashion.
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