Loyalty in the modern age
December 27, 2012
Loyalty and gift card programs are among the best methods of reaching new customers and ensuring repeat sales, strong experiences and more. Because the consumer of today has different demands than in the past - including desires for mobile-enabled credit card payments and loyalty programs - businesses need to adapt services to cultivate strong relationships with customers.

Business 2 Community recently reported that customer satisfaction and retention rates are among the most important components of small and medium-sized business (SMB) success. According to the news provider, brand strength will bring merchants and retailers to better financial performances, and loyalty programs are solid methods of driving customer experiences.

The source suggested companies use advanced and engaging technology to make the most exciting experience for customers when building these loyalty programs. Further, Business 2 Community believes that retailers should look at the loyalty programs of travel agencies and hotels for tips, as these industries often have the strongest components in their initiatives.

SMBs should consider adopting integrated payment systems that can incorporate loyalty programs for the most efficient and convenient processes. Customers will be looking for intuitive rewards and payment processing strategies, and this technology yields strong results.
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