Lots of online customers? Increase satisfaction with this payment processing advice
February 27, 2014

Having a significant portion of business come from online purchases is a viable strategy for small and midsized businesses with the right type of offerings.

The elimination of distance between shopper and store can help businesses attract a variety of niche customers, whether they focus on products produced in a specific locale or marketed towards a small but active fan base. However, even the most complete offerings won't generate much business if the electronic payment systems used are slow, incomplete or otherwise ineffective.

Analytics blog KISSmetrics pointed out that an intuitive and error-free online checkout is essential to bringing in and maintaining business. A deficient web-based storefront might be enough to get a single purchase out of a client, but a smooth process is required to keep them coming back.

Keep options open
Providing more payment processing options gives customers more ways to easily complete a transaction and find a method that fits for them. Although the exact makeup of services offered depends on the type of business and its offerings, providing credit card processing with another payment form like electronic check processing can help drive sales.

Keeping the experience simple should be another focus. Instead of redirecting customers to a third-party website and adding another step to the purchasing process, the checkout page should be the last one visited. This ease-of-use concept may be especially effective when customers make frequent purchases - a minor annoyance can develop into a major pain that could encourage patrons to visit a competitor.

If your business already uses Sage 50 for accounting purposes and is looking to establish or expand payment processing offerings, it should be of interest to know that nearly all businesses already using Sage 50 will be automatically approved for a Sage payment software account. The process is simple, hassle-free and easy. Additionally, it doesn't involve having to deal with yet another vendor.

Be sure to provide confirmation
When a customer makes a transaction using a website, they usually want to be reassured that the process has been successfully completed and be provided with a form of receipt. Web design and commerce source Smashing Magazine pointed out that this last step of the process should provide a clear indication of whether the transaction went through, making things easy on the purchaser.

A well-crafted approach setting up an online store, along with a top payment services provider, can help businesses boost their online traffic as well as sales.

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