Investing in technology to accept credit card payments anywhere
November 01, 2013

The ability to accept mobile credit card payments in today's business world can provide companies with a competitive edge against similar organizations. Whether in a brick-and-mortar establishment, on the go at events or through in-home services, flexible transaction technology can make it easier for brands to maximize revenue streams and ultimately increase customer satisfaction.

According to Drew Hendricks, a Forbes contributor who covers entrepreneurial trends for the magazine, advancements in technology have presented small and medium-sized businesses with unique opportunities to leverage mobile applications and similar tools to increase operational efficiency. In fact, he said the use of smartphones and tablets to perform basic credit card processing tasks will likely be a major trend in 2014.

"As the world continues its gradual shift from PC to mobile, businesses are adjusting their own thinking, as well," Hendricks wrote in Forbes. "These changes are occurring both inside the workplace and in the way businesses reach out to consumers. As 2014 progresses, the shift toward a more mobile workforce will continue, allowing workers the freedom to work from anywhere."

Companies that operate multiple points of sale can especially benefit from advanced electronic payment systems. Consumer Affairs, an online news publication, said delivery services have quickly become a popular trend in the food industry. For example, the website highlighted the growth of so-called "dinner kits," which contain the raw ingredients necessary for a full meal, that shoppers can have delivered directly to their doorsteps.

Businesses that have similar delivery models can streamline the transaction process by investing in advanced technology that makes it easier to accept mobile payments. Rather than relying exclusively on brick-and-mortar establishments or e-commerce portals to handle credit card transactions, smartphone and tablet technology increases the flexibility of the point of sale.

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