Integrated payment systems give businesses a necessary confidence boost
December 13, 2013

In today's increasingly multichannel retail market, small and medium-sized businesses can benefit from implementing electronic payment systems that can process transactions from a variety of different outlets.

Many enterprises are well aware of the revenue-enhancing opportunities available by investing in a more flexible infrastructure that extends the shopping experience beyond the simple brick-and-mortar establishment. Especially during the holiday season, consumers are interested in combining both in-person and remote purchasing methods to not only maximize convenience, but also to make sure they are able to buy their gifts on time. According to the retail consulting company BDO, the growth of e-commerce has been a major challenge facing the industry for some time. Despite these trends, many managers are often reluctant to follow through with these initiatives because of an aversion to adding any extra complication to their operations.

In reality, taking advantage of a dynamic credit card processing system is much easier than many people think. A reliable integrated payment system allows business owners the chance to enhance their sales strategies on multiple channels without having to worry about making existing processes any more difficult. Such peace of mind will likely end up having a positive impact on retail success well beyond the holiday shopping season. A recent article from The Associated Press said finding a way to top the number of sales generated during events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday is crucial to long-term success. Tools that enable businesses to not only accept credit card payments from virtually any medium, but to also store transaction data in a secure system will have more time available to dedicate to seasonal marketing tactics that eventually drive in more revenue in the long run.

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