Increasing sales while saving money
January 29, 2015

To drive your business's growth, having a loyal and growing customer base is crucial. While quality customer service, products and advertising help you increase your total sales, these efforts can accrue high expenses. Find out how you and your business can keep and attract customers with a continual high quality of services and products without accruing outrageous expenses.

Tax incentives that can help increase your customer base
Your business can better afford a variety of costs associated with improvement by tapping into available write-offs. Especially during tax season, it is important to be aware of potential deductions you can make when doing the taxes for your business.

If you take a customer or prospective client out for a meal, these business meetings can qualify as a deductible, according to Small Business Trends. Networking costs and expenses associated with email marketing campaigns that you paid for are additional deductibles.

Investing in improvements that offer a write-off option
Consider sponsoring a local baseball or softball league team. This is a great way to promote your business, and it can qualify as a deductible for advertising costs. Speak with an accountant or preparer to discuss ways your community involvement might qualify for a deduction.

Find ways to advertise and market your business for free
The Houston Chronicle suggested looking to local media for opportunities to be featured in their publications or broadcasts. Send out press releases about events or new products, services, or discounts you will offer.

Utilize social media and interact with customers who follow you. Humanize your business to gain potential customers. Also encourage your current customers to post about their experiences with your organization. If any concerns arise from your customers, address the issue and ensure that they feel the issues was properly addressed.

Develop a relationship with other businesses
By developing a cross-promotional partnership with other local businesses, you can team up and help bring more traffic to your business, according to the Houston Chronicle. Ask to post flyers or promotional material in their store in exchange for promoting their business at your own location. Consider partnering together to offer discounts to individuals who shop at both stores as well.

This is a great way to save money while building a partnership with another operation and tap into their existing marketing and advertising techniques.

Loyalty programs are another way to help develop relationships with your customers.

Increasing the volume of customers you have and improving your sales is possible while also being savvy with your budget. Just be aware of your options and how you can adjust your strategies.

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