Implementing ACH payment processing
January 29, 2015

Automated clearing house (ACH) payment processing can provide your business with secure and direct payments. Make sure you know the benefits and rules to adhere to when implementing ACH payment processing.

Benefits of ACH
The Electronic Payments Association noted that ACH accepted transactions are always done electronically. This can save your business extra expenses as well as valuable time. In addition, offering another payment option for your customers provides you with a notable advantage. Convenience is especially important to provide for your consumers.

Security standards associated with ACH payment processing
As you would with any payment method a customer wishes to use, it is important to uphold a number of mandatory security standards to ensure your customers' personal information is never compromised. According to the Electronic Payment Association, you must understand all rules and keep up to date on them. This is especially important because new ones are constantly established to increase the overall security.

Anticipate new standards that may be required and accommodate them to ensure all payment information is safe. The rules are intended to ensure quality and trustable transactions for businesses that implement ACH processing as a payment option for customers.

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