How can nonprofits benefit from electronic payment systems?
November 08, 2013

Advancements in digital technology have lead to drastic transformations in the retail industry, as more consumers prefer to purchase goods online. However, e-commerce tools have also shifted the ways nonprofit organizations both target potential donors and raise money from interested parties.

The​ NonProfit Times, an online news publication, said having a robust website is now a necessary part of the fundraising process. Not only can an interactive donation portal make it easier for people to give money at their convenience, but organizations can also benefit from enhancing their credit card processing capabilities, thereby increasing the accuracy and reliability of their charitable efforts.

Here are some tips nonprofits can use to streamline the online fundraising process:

Supplement websites with engaging content
Simply operating an online donation portal isn't enough for organizations that want to raise as much money as possible and gain membership from a wider variety of individuals. Instead, The NonProfit Times recommended charities should also make concerted efforts to create dynamic content that compels target donors to contribute. People are often inundated with a variety of information whenever they use the Internet. As a result, grabbing the attention of potential donors can be an especially challenging task. However, a full understanding of the target audience can make it easier for nonprofits to produce and share content that effectively encourages people to make donations. With a reliable online donation portal in place, these organizations can maximize the amount of money they raise on a daily basis.

Perform regular maintenance
Additionally, the NonProfit Times said charitable foundations should pay close attention to how their websites are running. Without the right technology, organizations can run into various problems. For example, a group of students at Iowa State University recently miscounted the total amount of money they raised from a dance marathon event supporting Iowa Children's Hospital. The students operated an online payment portal, but were unable to sync those transactions with offline donations made in cash or checks.

Integrated payment systems that allow businesses to seamlessly connect multiple sources of payment can eliminate the risk for errors in the future. Investing in quality electronic payment systems that allow nonprofits to accept credit card payments is a reliable way to tap into a greater potential for raising more money. Organizations that run exclusively on donations from members can always benefit from a cost-effective solution for managing online fundraising options.

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