Hosting an online event
March 09, 2015

Your business can take advantage of the Internet's connectivity by hosing an online event for your customers. Get consumers involved and promote products by harnessing the power of the Web. A virtual party is a fantastic way to connect your patrons with one another and introduce yourself to new customers. In addition, it allows you to accommodate to a wide variety of busy schedules that may otherwise make connecting with shoppers difficult.

Here are some tips to ensure that your business can plan and hold a successful online event and reach a wider audience of potential customers.

Identify your purpose
Know whether you would like to promote a new product or service you are offering or if you are trying to increase your customer loyalty. Having a clear purpose for your event can help ensure that you work toward a specific goal.

The Direct Selling Education Foundation suggested ensuring that attendants are aware of the purpose you have decided on. This can help enhance their experience and understanding of the online event.

Use a variety of channels to invite people
There are a plethora of options when it comes to sending out your invitation. According to World of Direct Selling, email may be a great way to invite others to virtually attend your event. In many instances a high volume of Facebook invites and events can get lost and forgotten. Email is a unique and reliable way to reach out to customers.

While email should be utilized, do not only rely on that channel when sending invitations. Use your social media platforms to reach out, consider sending notifications through snail mail, advertising in your store or even calling patrons to personally invite them to your virtual event.

Boost interaction
One of the most valuable elements of hosting an online event is the ability to encourage your customers to interact with your business, staff and one another. Ask all attendants what they think about a particular product that they have purchased from your store and what they like most about it. This can start a discussion and offer valuable insight regarding the products that your business sells.

You might also consider having a little fun and asking people to come up with puns that relate to your operation and offer a prize for the best and most clever one.

Ask attendants to invite friends and family members who they believe would be interested in the event. Allow people to log in whenever they would like as well. Remember that convenience is one of the most appealing elements of hosting an event online.

Also ensure that you accept credit card payments online to allow participants to purchase items while attending the event.

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