Harnessing the power of pictures
March 03, 2015

Pictures can help improve your marketing efforts and help personalize your business. A visual can relay a great deal of information and can be utilized in a number of different ways. Know how to select photos and how you can use them to appeal to consumers.

Where to use pictures
Depending on the subject and nature of the picture, it can be used and posted to a variety of different platforms. You may want to consider posting a headshot of your employees to a blog post or on your website in a "meet our team" section. This can help personalize your operation. Smashing Magazine noted that you can also incorporate humor into these formats to further humanize your brand. Have fun and remember that you can help encourage individuals to like your business by providing them with a fun and personable internet presence.

A group shot or photograph that represents the core values of your business would be especially appealing as a profile picture, according to Small Business Trends. In addition, you may want to use this as a cover photo or for your website's landing page. Ensure that the photograph is clear, bright and sends the message you want to be received by your customers.

If you decide to use a candid picture, you can use it to post information that is relative to the content of the photo. For example, if you are promoting your gift card program, consider including a photograph of someone purchasing a product from your store and including a caption about the giving the gift of choosing what the recipient wants. This can plant an idea into an individual's head and advertise using a simple technique.

Selecting a photograph
When deciding which picture to use, make sure that it is clear and that you have permission to post a photo of whoever is included in the frame.

Having a colorful, creative and interesting photo on your social media platforms or website can help increase the appeal of your business.

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