Gift cards top Father's Day lists
June 07, 2013

Father's Day spending is set to be high this year. According to The National Retail Federation (NRF), the average person is expected to spend $119.84 this year on Father's Day gifts compared to $117.14 in 2012. With such large purchasing forecasts, businesses that accept credit card payments may see a significant boost in sales in the days before June 16. However, while many consumers plan to increase their Father's Day budgets, gift card programs may see the most action.

Consumers intend to buy more this Father's Day
NRF estimates total spending will reach $13.3 billion this year. The federation predicts most of the gifts will be clothes and new electronics, but a recent Ebates survey found men are asking for a gift card to their favorite store.

TNS Global conducted the annual online survey on behalf of Ebates, asking more than 1,000 people which items will be most popular this Father's Day. According to the survey, 53 percent of women reported men want a gift card, and 42 percent of men agreed. Other popular gifts included tools, a smartphone or tablet and clothes.

Gift cards received the No.1 spot for men because they allow men to go to their favorite store and select products or services themselves.

Kevin Johnson, chief executive officer for Ebates, said gift cards were also the preference for women on Mother's Day.

"We heard the expression 'Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus,' but perhaps these results show that we're all from the same planet - and we'd like to pick our own gift," Johnson said.

Businesses may see an uptick in revenue this Father's Day as consumers increase their spending, but they should be prepared for more people purchasing gift cards as well. 

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