Gift cards are popular Mother's Day gifts
May 03, 2013

Loyalty programs tend to drive gift card sales during the winter holidays, but a poll of consumers found gift cards are appropriate for any special occasion. Small- and medium-sized companies that have invested in electronic payment systems may want to devote more attention to loyalty programs to generate sales this Mother's Day. 

Gift-giving survey yields surprising results 
According to, a payment news site, a survey by eBates asked American consumers what they think women want this year for Mother's Day and found the results varied by gender. Almost half of men reported jewelry as the top gift for women, but it was No. 4 on the list for female respondents. The favored present among female consumers was a gift card to a favorite store, with 36 percent of moms reporting they wish to receive gift cards instead of other items. Men ranked gift cards at No. 3. 

The poll was conducted in mid-April and surveyed 1,000 adults. Last year, a spa day was the favorite choice among moms but was ranked third this year.

About 28 percent of men said they plan to spend between $20 and $50 for Mother's Day this year. 

Investing in loyalty programs key during holidays
Companies that offer a gift card and loyalty program may see consumers spending their cash on a gift card this year. Gift cards allow recipients to purchase what they truly want from their favorite store and lets the gift-giver simply walk into the business and buy the card instead of purchasing a gift the recipient may not want. Gift cards also give recipients the ability to spend time in the store or on its website, and these cardholders are likely to purchase more than what their gift card is worth. By investing in a gift card and loyalty program, small and midsize businesses may increase sales and customer retention through special incentives and deals.

Mother's Day generates strong sales year after year. Companies may want to consider instituting a loyalty program before the holiday to take advantage of what the majority of American woman want to receive on the special day. Customers like to feel appreciated and rewarding them through a loyalty program can drive additional business. Solutions, such as Sage Gift Card and Loyalty Programs, can help small businesses attract new customers and offer incentives for consumers to return. 

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