Getting your business on board with mobile payments
March 11, 2013

Change and evolution are two necessities of every successful business. While it's easy for entrepreneurs to become complacent once they have achieved success, they need to keep up with new changes within their industry to remain competitive, regardless of whether this means altering their product lineups, reaching out to new audiences or anything in between.

In many business environments, one of the latest innovations entrepreneurs are integrating is mobile payments. Companies that leverage mobile payment technology are able to accept credit card payments and accept debit card payments by simply attaching a piece of hardware to their smartphones. Now, businesses that adopt solutions such as Sage Mobile Payments can seamlessly and easily engage in debit and credit card processing instead of relying entirely on cash transactions.

However, before making any major changes to the way their companies operate, business owners should always communicate with their staff and help them prepare for the transformation at hand. Even though the integration of mobile payment systems is fairly straightforward, it's important that employees are knowledgeable on how to utilize this new technology. This helps companies maximize efficiency and prevent any unnecessary downtime.

"Before implementing any new payment processing, sit down with your crew and ask what they believe are key topics," Promotion World advises. "Your crew interacts with customers every day, [and] listening to their feedback can clearly show you what the company needs in regard to payment processing."

For mobile payments, training is a straightforward process. The key is ensuring that employees are comfortable with using smartphone devices and apps. Before going live with these devices, the people utilizing this technology should understand how to accept credit and debit card payments, check transaction history and conduct voids and refunds if necessary. A quick training session can go a long way toward ensuring the success of technology integration.

Integrating the right tools helps businesses to stay ahead of the curve and compete with others in their industries. Small businesses accepting cash only are likely to have lost a few sales over the years from people who don't have bills and coins on them to complete purchases. Making the upgrade to a mobile payments solution not only enables businesses to save these sales, but also helps them keep track of transactions and payment histories.

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