Flexible credit card processing tools help nonprofits raise more money
January 14, 2014

Electronic payment systems can help streamline back office operations at a variety of organizations. In fact, even nonprofit groups can benefit from investing in technology that makes it easier to accept credit card payments online.

According to an infographic compiled by the email marketing company iContact, donors are increasingly looking to the Internet as a convenient way to give money to charitable initiatives. Between 2011 and 2012, the number of donations made online increased by 15.8 percent.

Most individuals today place a high value on the convenience offered through digital technology. Similarly, organizations are constantly looking for new ways to reach more target donors. Creating an online credit card processing portal is a simple way for nonprofit groups to leverage these trends to their advantage. A recent article published in Business 2 Community said the constant need for charitable groups to raise money and the trending increase in online donation popularity creates a huge opportunity for real growth in the immediate future. Investing in more flexible transaction technology will ultimately make it easier for nonprofits to become more approachable in the eyes of donors.

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